5 Facts About USAA Auto Insurance

Finding the right auto insurance is tougher than people think. While many companies offer similar products and services, they are not all the same. Certain things like lifestyle, career choice, and where a person lives can factor into deciding which auto insurance is best for their unique situation.
Figuring out what sets one auto insurance company apart from the others can be tedious, but it’s important when choosing a policy that fits a person’s needs. USAA is an auto insurance company that has been around for a long time, but many people don’t know much about what makes this company one of the most highly rated insurance companies on the market. Here are five facts about USAA that set it apart from other insurers.
Amazing Customer Service
It’s impossible to make everyone happy, but USAA consistently ranks highest in consumer polls when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. With a Better Business Bureau rating of A- and an AM Best rating of A++, they have a great record when it comes to resolving customer service issues. They have many loyal customers who stay with USAA for decades, even after having to file claims.
USAA also rewards customers who stay with them long term with discounts.
Lots of Additional Services
Having the option to add or omit certain services along with basic auto insurance is key since no two customers are the same. Having the flexibility of adding or removing coverage, as well as extra perks allows customers to get exactly the right insurance product for their age and income.
With additional services like roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, and rideshare insurance, USAA can offer a truly comprehensive product that gives its customers the safety and reassurance they need to worry less.

Top-Rated App
More and more customers are relying on the apps on their phones. USAA offers an interactive app that customers can use to access their account details and a copy of their insurance card, as well as to request roadside assistance.
Customers can also get immediate assistance after an accident through the app, which offers a checklist to go through after an accident. Even a minor fender bender can create confusion. The checklist USAA provides helps to make sure that everyone is safe, and that the customer can get what they need to file a claim. Customers can also file claims through the USAA app, which has a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play store.
Supporting the Military and Families
USAA is unique in that it is only available to members of the US military, veterans, and their family members. Family members include the spouse or children of a service member. Because USAA serves people in the military, it understands some of the challenges that people in the military face.
For example, members of the military and their family members move often. USAA is available throughout the country and can walk customers through any variables from one state to another with coverage and product availability. Members may qualify for a deployment discount, keeping them insured at a deep discount.
Vehicle Storage Benefit
Another great military-specific savings that USAA offers is a discount on car storage for insured cars. Finding a place to store a vehicle while deployed can get very costly, but not storing the vehicle can be risky or illegal in some places. Getting a discount lessens some of the worry and stress of deployment.
Savings for this benefit can be as high as 60%. USAA also offers a special discount for storing the car inside a garage on a military base. USAA will reward members for protecting their investment.

More Than Just Car Insurance
Nobody wants to feel like they have wasted their money. A company like USAA earns top ratings from customers because it provides great value and supplies a lot of useful services. It also stands out because it often ranks as providing the most coverage for the lowest price.
USAA provides excellent coverage for military members because it has specialized in understanding their unique needs for nearly 100 years. For people in the military and their families, USAA wins out over all the other competitors and is the top choice for auto insurance.


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