After Enyobeni tavern tragedy, see what these children organized, as they wore white T. Shirts

By: KBOY / July 2nd, 2022 / 14 views


schoolchildren from Scenery Park organized a march wearing white T-shirts and candles to the Enyobeni bar, where they urged that the proprietor of the establishment be expelled from the neighborhood.

After the unexplained deaths of 21 children who were patrons at the Enyobeni tavern, hundreds of kids staged a protest outside the establishment and demanded that the owner close down the establishment.

The children, who were carrying candles and dressed in white T-shirts, put up images of the people who had been killed. The neighborhood was filled with the sound of a song that had been given the title “RIP Tribute.” Slimmo, a local musician, paid respect to those who passed away on Sunday by creating a song in their honor.

Langa Miya, a student at Lumko High, stated that she was acquainted with one of the victims, a male of the same age who went to her school.

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