Are Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba dating? Video goes viral

By: KBOY / May 1st, 2022 / 46 views
Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba-Are Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba dating?  Video goes viral

Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba spark dating rumours, video goes viral

Bonang Matheba shared a video on her Instagram stories at an undisclosed location with Big Zulu. A fan later shared the video on Twitter, and it instantly went viral as tweeps started speculating if the two entertainers were dating. Social media has been set ablaze, with both of them trending as people react to the video they say is sweet.

In the video, Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba are seen holding hands and conversing. The two did not let go of each other’s hands the whole time, and the atmosphere gave serious flirtatious vibes. However, what had fans talking was that Big Zulu was speaking, Bonang was blushing a lot and behaving like a shy teenager.


Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba start dating rumours after the viral video.

People had mixed reactions to the video and the dating speculations that arose due to the video. Though the two strike the world as an unlikely pair because of their social status and personalities, most fans are here for the idea that they may be dating. Many fans have confessed to watching the video several times and smiling as it’s the sweetest thing they have seen on social media that day. However, other tweeps are of the impression that Bonang is out of Big Zulu’s league and one Twitter user clearly said he wanted to say whatever Big Zulu said to Bonang to win girls out of his league over.

Are Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba dating?  Video goes viral
Tweeps reactions to Big Zulu and Bonang-Image Source(Twitter)

Bonang Matheba has gone public and confessed that she likes Zulu men two weeks ago after watching the first episodes of The Wife. While referencing the sex scene between Mondli Makhoba and Khanyi Mbau, the famous presenter asked Where she could find a Zulu man. Maybe Big Zulu has a shot if her crush on Zulu men is legit, and it would make her fans wild that she is dating a Zulu man this soon after asking where they hang out.

Bonang has often been in the headlines lately; after her return from the States, she set social media ablaze. First, it was her sexy pictures she kept sharing that fans could not stop sharing and complimenting. Recently, however, she was dragged online for unfollowing Nadia Nakai after she started dating AKA. However, Queen B has not addressed any shade and keeps basking in the fame and spotlight.



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