Babes Wodumo Cheating On Mampintsha:Watch Her Kiss Another Man

By: KBOY / March 9th, 2022 / 139 views
This Is What Mzansi Has To Say After Babes Wodumo Goes On A Rant Attacking Her Mother-In-Law

Babes Wodumo Cheating On Mampintsha?Watch Her Kiss Another Man

This Is What Mzansi Has To Say After Babes Wodumo Goes On A Rant Attacking Her Mother-In-Law
Babes Wodumo

The tweeps were left in a shock speculating that Babes Wodumo is cheating on her husband Mampintsha.

In a video circulating on social media platforms, Babes Wodumo is seen giving a raunchy kiss to a youthful man who is believed to be her best friend.



This didn’t go well with the tweeps who then poked her husband Mampintsha to give a comment on the leaked video.

Here are the reactions from the netizens, extracted from Twitter.

When Mampintsa sees this 🙆‍♂️-Rathipa_Rampedi.

Y’all want Mampintsha to lose how many kilos of weight-Alexel.

Can someone please tag Mampintsha i want to see flying mpama before the sun goes down-ZwelySiyaMP.

Waze wasehlisa isdima saka Mampintsha uBabes Wodumo-Nasty and Evil🇿🇦

Then Mapintsha must smile as if nothing happens-Sheriff.

Mampintsha was once charged with assault after he was captured on a video slapping Babes Wodumo.

Wodumo was having an Instagram live video with the fans in her bedroom when the incident happened.

In his defense of the case, Mampintsha was quoted  by BBC as having said:

Babes arrived and she assaulted me. In my defence I hit her back.
I made a mistake but no-one can accept to be attacked while asleep in bed. I’m sorry for my actions. I ask for forgiveness for raising my hand against her.

Last year the two South African artists’ marriage hogged the limelight after Babes Wodumo accused Makhadzi of sleeping with Mampintsha.

Early this year another lady by the name Mamesh ambitiously claimed that she was Mampintsha’s wife despite the artist being married to Babes Wodumo.
Mamesh was quoted as having said:

Mampintsha is married to me. The fact that you are married to him also, is not my problem. I am also married. I don’t know if you knew that me and Mampintsha are married.



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