Bad news from Lira family. Keep her in your prayers

Singer Lira hospitalised

According to a statement, the SAMA winner suffered a stroke.

She is back in South Africa and getting medical attention.

Her management team says Lira suffered a stroke while in Germany for a performance. She is receiving treatment.

She is recuperating and the family asks for prayers.

Stroke is one of the most dangerous yet overlooked occurrences.Once a geriatric condition,stroke affects mostly the youth. Peeps should get themselves checked regularly to avoid strokes irreparable damage.Check your BP,Cholesterol,diabetes regularly.Speedy recovery to Lira

Was she vaccinated? Chances are yes. Lira survived the separation from husband and suddenly nje stroke, yah vele people might not want us to go there but we are there already

Lira stroke is by stress of possible untold family issues or most likely covid vaccine. She must disclose to the world on what caused her physical condition to ve disadvantaged pray for her


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