BE HONEST!! Only Those Who Hasn’t Watched Tiwa Savage S€xtape Will Make Heaven – Would You Be Save?

Imagine if God decides to pick only those who hasn’t watched Tiwa Savage S*x tape to his kingdom? Would you be save?

You will recall, couple of days ago, singer Tiwa Savage revealed someone was trying to blackmail her with her sextape.

“If I pay, the extortionist will continue asking for more money” she said.

It is obvious that she kept to her vows of not paying the blackmailer and the person decided to release the sextape on Snapchat.


Right now, she has lost 4 endorsements over the leaked s*x tape. Carbury, pampers, Globacom had just terminated their endowment deals with her.

Mehn this shit is getting real. Well, in every action, there’s always a reaction and consequences. That’s by the way…

Over to you now. Yes you!


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