Check Out What Mzansi Noticed At The Tombstone Of Bushiri’s Daughter

By: KBOY / April 4th, 2022 / 131 views

Do you remember the daughter of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri daughter Israella who passed away last year March? Have you seen her beautiful tombstone that her parents have put for her? You should see her tombstone because it will blow your mind away.

Death be not proud. Death does not choose and death does not knock. The self-proclaimed Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is still mourning the death of his daughter Israella who passed away last year 2021.

The Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri daughter Israella died on the 29th of March 2021 last year’s. She died at the age of eight-year-old after she has been suffering from lung infection. During the time she was in ICU when the death took her last breath.

The ECG leader popular known as Major1 have remembered his daughter who passed away at a very young age. It’s never been easy having to bury your child at such age. But with God they are strong parents who put everything into God’s hands.

Bushiri took it to his social media page where he posted picture of his daughter Israella. It was heartbreaking to see his daughter at such age group. She could be turning 9-years-old this years 2022 but God decided to take her soul. Bushiri left his followers stunned after he posted beautiful pictures of her daughter standing in a car. Many fans were touched to see the Tombstone of their daughter.

In one of the pictures he posted, it revealed the tombstone which looks like a lb expensive one. We all know that Bushiri is one of the richest pastor in the country. He was rich when he was in South Africa and his also rich even when he is in his home country. Many people were asking themselves where did he get so much money to put such expensive tombstone?

Prophet Bushiri together with his wife are living expensive life and the couple have swagger. As difficult as it may be, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary have assigned themselves to work for God. And together they continue to do God’s work. They remain strong and still stand together when it comes to the work of God. It’s been a years they are living without their daughter and they have accepted that she is in heaven with God but their spirit will always be with them.



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