Condolence messages pour in For Zakes Bantwini.

By: KBOY / March 4th, 2022 / 134 views

We are barely 3 months into the year 2022 and we have lost over 5 celebrities since the year started. Death is so cruel and swift, you are here this minute and the next minute you are gone. What makes matters worse is that, nobody really knows when he or she is going to die.

Veteran actor Patrick Shai died in January 2022 after he committed suicide. In the month of February rapper Riky Rick also died after he committed suicide. Riky Rick hung himself at his home studio in Johannesburg and he was found dead by his friends and family.

Today, Mzansi is mourning the death of Zakes Bantwini’s close friend. The Osama hit maker took to Social media last night to mourn the death of his friend. He captioned the post “Rest Mnganam”

Death is the world’s worst enemy, it has no friend and can’t be avoided. Death of a loved one can come when you least expect it, one minute you are with someone and the next minute he is gone.



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