Condolences pour in to Siyacela

He was a stern and traditional father figure who wanted to see his kids and particularly his son follow in his footsteps.


Condolences pour in to Siyacela

Polygamist Bab’ Dlamuka was a prominent member of Moja Love show Isencane Lengane since season one in 2019 and the father of teen husband Siyacela Dlamuka, married to Thando Msomi.

Siyacela recently confirmed Bab’ Dlamuka’s passing on social media after a long illness, posting: “Inhliziyo Yami ibuhlungu (My heart is sore). Rest in peace Dlamuka.”

Tributes have come pouring in from viewers, sharing their messages of condolences.

“Apparently Bab’Dlamuka, Siyacela’s dad, has passed away. So sad, I just saw on Facebook,” wrote @SihleMakhanya.

“May his soul rest in peace. I hope Sthuphethi won’t disrespect his stepmothers now that Bab’Dlamuka is no longer there,” wrote @Lerato_Mod


“The news of Bab’Dlamuka passing away is so sad. May his soul rest in peace and condolences to Mashenge and the whole Dlamuka family,” said @ManRichD.


Last year, rumours of the elderly man’s death spread but the family and Moja Love quickly denounced the fake news.

This time, the news is real and family spokesperson Solomuzi Kunene revealed that the 62-year-old had been living with diabetes for a few years now but had it under control.

“The doctor said he passed from high blood pressure and diabetes. He was already on insulin, and he woke up that morning not feeling well. He passed away on Saturday afternoon at around 18:20,” Solomuzi tells Drum.

“When we slept on Friday, he was good and, in the morning, he started getting sick and couldn’t speak.

“Baba wasn’t too old, and he had his diabetes under control. He was hardly ill until last year in June. While in town, he broke his leg from the groin. He has been struggling with the leg and that has restricted his movement and not allowed him to have full control of his chronic illness.”

Solomuzi says the family is learning to come to terms with his passing.

“The burial is this coming Friday at the homestead in Mabedlana. He leaves 25 children, his four wives, as we all know that the fifth wife passed, and about 40 children. They are all trying to come to terms with his death. It is not easy, but we will be okay.”

Siyacela Cheats On His Wife Thando Msomi Thabethe Dlamuka

The couple married young at the age of 16, siyacela asked his father to help him marry his wife that he loved dearly and wanted to spend the rest of his life, he was given counseling by his family and other married family members who sat him down and gave him the insights of marriage, including his father, BabDlamuka is a fair father and does not like it when Siyacela does not treat Thando well because he’s the one who brought him to the Dlamuka homestead only to start treating her in a disrespectful manner.

Siyacela Cheats On His Wife Thando Msomi Thabethe Dlamuka

This season of the isencane lengane Siyacela told his father that he wants to be in a polygamous marriage, his father as a polygamist crushed the idea and told him he don’t know what he wants or puts himself into, as young as he is Siyacela feels bored already by Thando and he mentioned that he does not make love as much as he was supposed to be as a husband to Thando.

He says it is boring at times that is why he is thinking of taking a second wife. Siyacela also tried telling Thando his wife about this idea, she mentioned that she is not for that life, if siyacela insists she will go back home rather than being in that kind of relationship.

Siyacela also did mention that he is already seeing the person he wants to bring home as a second wife. As young as he is he really needs intervention.Siyacela quit school after he got married, he wants his wife to complete school and go to university but she must study from home, she needs to enroll for distance learning because campus life will corrupt her,.

He is a jealous type but he wants to be going around cheating on his wife, how sad.. As young as Thando is but she’s already going through such things. We hope and pray she does not fall pregnant yet because that will make her life to standstill since she’s a married woman. Last night’s episode was a very sad one because siyacela was not home and he had left for 8 days, he does not even call to check up on his wife nor taking her calls.

We saw BabDlamuka calling Thando to his house to talk about his son’s behavior. Bless him for being an honest man and seing his child’s wrongs. But I am aftaid That the pain siyacela is putting Thando through will affect her studies, she also mentioned that she won’t forgive siyacela for acting the way he is, more especially when she’s writting her exams.

Obviously it will affect her performance but we hope and pray she remains strong and use this time wise, study hard and get out of that place to university. We hope their marriage works out though because Thando really loves her husband. We hope that what she mentioned that she will Avenge does not happen. Thando sisi, we don’t throw stones, we let Go and let God take control, revenge will only hurt you more, it will make you bitter and unfortunately people won’t see it the way you see it.

Pray for your Husband sisi and your family.. Marriage is a blessing and it’s from God



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