Dineo Ranaka catches fire after explaining why her marriage ended.

Dineo Ranaka catches fire after explaining why her marriage ended. Dineo Ranaka has always said that she is a private however last week she decided to to share why her marriage ended. Her marriage lasted for over a year give or take, however no one would have anticipated the response she got from tweets as she was dragged and called out.

She was said to be the toxic one not her husband after she accused him of being toxic which led to her leaving her.

She shared the video on her IG stories explaining why it ended she said he was toxic and manipulative. However a screenshot of her explanation landed on twitter it was shared by Musa Khawula and from there twitter went crazy.

Tweets accused her of always wanting to play the victim and saI’d that she is usually the villain in half of the drama that she is linked too.

Always playing a victim lo. Everyone is a problem but her!

(This is the comment that suggests that she always plays the victim)

— Uncle Sandile (@SandileKaNgcobo) February 11, 2022
Some made refrence to the video of her publicly shaming her ex saying she was using him to heal. which is emotional abuse.

Lol oh, miss ” I used you to heal ” doesn’t feel like she was toxic? What narcissistic behavior is this? Her marriage never lasted because who can tolerate such a straat miesie?

— OTF 👨🏾‍🌾 (@PlantFather2) February 11, 2022

Many suggested that the media personality should take a look into herself be home before she can blame others.

One day she must realize that maybe pic.twitter.com/IyOQoev7Kn

— Simon ❤️ (@Prince53391081) February 11, 2022

The devil herself saying this? Yeah right.

— Skhose khose (@SkhoseK) February 11, 2022

Too much arrogance and too much family support

— Sivuyile Ndamase (@SivuyileNdamas1) February 11, 2022

She bullies herself into believing she is strong and fears nothing when sometimes she shud admit she ain’t that strong just shielding to the world people like her either die lonely or broken

— SebenzileMabilisa🇿🇦Khoza (@88mabilisa) February 11, 2022


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