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Zola 7 Thanks Mzansi


Zola 7 Thanks Mzansi

The campaign by Gauteng MEC for finance and e-government Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko to help ailing kwaito star Bonginkosi Dlamini who is popularly known as Zola 7 has been put on hold following a request by the artist’s family.

The MEC alleges that Zola’s wife had urged him to go to rehab and this has caused squabbles within his family.

Sunday World reports that Nkomo-Ralehoko also pleaded with members of the public to encourage Zola to go to rehab although it is not stated why he should do so.

“The good thing is the wife was saying that Zola wants to go to rehab, so I want people like yourself to convince Zola that he must go to rehab and be better so that he can go out and get these opportunities because indeed we can’t take him among the children whilst we know that he is not fine,” she said in the clip.

The idea behind Zola 7 and the MEC initiated dialogue with Nkomo-Ralehoko’s programme is to motivate the youth on being responsible. But this was going to be done as soon as Zola was well.

The publication further highlights that an official in Nkomo-Ralehoko’s office said the future of the partnership with Zola 7 now hangs in the balance.

“Zola 7’s family has not yet decided whether he should go to rehab. This was informed by many other things including the argument over which banking details the public should use to help him financially. That is why the MEC decided to wait until their differences have been resolved,” the source said.

It has also been reported that Zola 7’s family has asked the MEC to give them privacy to deal with the matter.

However, the publication did not get Zola 7’s side of the story as he did not respond to questions sent to him.


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