Fresh Fight Over Mali Eningi, As Intaba Yase Dubai Claims He Never Got A Cent From The Hit Song

Fight Over Mali Eningi
Fight Over Mali Eningi
Big Zulu and Ntaba Yase Dubai


Fresh Fight Over Mali Eningi, As Intaba Yase Dubai Claims He Never Got A Cent From The Hit Song


There is bad blood now.

Intaba Yase Dubai, who featured and sang beautiful on Mali Eningi by Big Zulu, has sensationally claimed that he never got a single cent from the 2020 smash hit.

Intaba Yase Dubai said this on his Facebook page yesterday.

“Mali Eningi has reached over 12 Million streams. But i ‘m broke. Never got even R1. #ItsLifeAnyway.”

Before that post, Intaba Yase Dubai wailed of how painful it is to not be compensated for his effort.

“Ayikho into ebhlungu njengokbuka Umjuluko wakho ufunza enye indoda ekbeni wena uhlupheka. I’m sorry but I hate features with all of my heart. Coz you have to act like we are all ok while only an individual is…….F*ck features….!! #MaliEningi”

Seeing the wrath on social media on this, Big Zulu’s label Nkabi Records came out to clean up it’s name and set the record straight on how payments of the song were handled.

“As Nkabi Records, we would like to declare that all due diligence, agreements, splits and contracts pertaining to Mali Eningi was handled with the Label that Ntaba Yase Dubai is signed to, which is Ambitouz Records, this was done in the early stages of the song being released… All financial proceeds that the song have made in relation to Intaba Yase Dubai’s share were paid directly to his recording label by the distributing and authorized companies.”



With the heat knob now turned on them, Ambitiouz Entertainment has responded this morning, saying they received royalties for the song and paid Intaba Yase Dubai his dues. The label added that they got R94,527,31 for Mali Eningi, and believe that the song must have made more than was reported, hence they contested this and requested documents to verify that the song really made what Nkabi Records said it did.



With this fight over Mali Eningi going on, pitching Intaba Yase Dubai, Big Zulu and Ambitiouz Records, we wait to see how everything will pan out.



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