Friends and family battle their tears as they bid Siyanda farewell

Friends and family battle their tears as they bid Siyanda farewell
Friends and family battle their tears as they bid Siyanda farewell
Friends and family battle their tears as they bid Siyanda farewell

Actor Siyanda Sesimani was laid to rest today in an emotional send off attended by friends and family. The actor’s home was invaded on February 15 and he was attacked. He succumbed to his injuries on March 11.

His mother, Noluthando Sesimani wrote a very touching letter and spoke about how much she prayed for his recovery.

“To my pumpkin. If I only knew that this day would come, I had known to prepare myself for this day, the day it would be my last day to spend my time with you. Oh Lord, had you told me, because you knew, and I had no idea at all.

“Seeing you lying in that bed, bruised and in pain, helpless and disconnected to your true being. The Siyanda full of so much life and energy, always with laughter. How I wished you could open your eyes and say to me ‘Titi’ for the very last time. ‘Say it again nana. Call me Titi,’ she wrote.

She said theirs was more of a brother and sister relationship instead of a mother-daughter duo.

“I would sometimes forget that I was your mother. It never felt like that to me. We had the best brother and sister relationship, that’s what I always loved about us. I know you loved me my boy. You loved me very much. You were a happy chap, a dreamer, a lover, very inquisitive, always hyper and made sure you get what you want. You were a sensitive with a very big heart. You were my boy, my only boy. My first experience in motherhood when I knew nothing. I even named you after my Afrikaans teacher’s child.”

She then said she would do anything to take his place and then spoke about the deep prayer she said to God.

“I would do anything to be given a chance so I take your place instead of you. Please God, all I wanted was a second chance. I pleaded with you God. I continuously begged you. And I believed you to please save his life just this one time. I want my boy to wake up from that bed. I would do anything to have you back right now. I never said goodbye on that Sunday, two days before that incident happened.

“I regret not being at home that next day on Monday when you came and I was at the gym, not knowing it would be my last chance. I don’t know, I refuse to accept that you no longer here. That Sunday, was that your goodbye Siyanda? Telling me about your success, your future plans and your new gigs? Seeing you all grown up telling me about you started fasting and praying. Was that your goodbye Siyanda? When the young bury the old, time heals the pain and sorrow. When the process is reversed, the sorrow remains forever.”

Siyanda’s close friend, Norma Magaluza, said she will get justice for her friend, “It’s sad but we’ve had many happy memories, he was a joyful soul. There were eight doctors working on Siyanda and he fought… justice will be served, we won’t stop.”

His colleagues from Outsurance described him as a person who is full of life and was a dream chaser as well.

“He brought life to all of our meetings. His energy was captivating and motivating for us to do better. He was a proud father and his daughter was his life. Everything he did was to build a better life for her. He had big dreams and it’s sad that he left when he was so young. Being your son’s friend and colleague was a real honour … we will all miss him … he was truly special to us. His memory will forever be in our hearts.”



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