Gogo was dancing for Amapiano. Check the comments of video clip


Gogo was also having a tremendous moment that anyone would love to enjoy. People at her age were not familiar with Amapiano music, but as a proud South African, she enjoys it as well. She is not the only one, but the expectation that someone her age would be dancing for Amapiano was not met before. It is music, and it unites people from different parts of the provinces.

Dancing is a huge part of the culture within the country or the entire world. All the dancing was separated into divisions of groups of people, and they all represented key life events. The world was made up of many musicians, singers, poets, dancers, and artists. Dancing is a form of expression and some people are good at more than most people.

It was so fun to get a change of scenery and see a whole different crowd and a different vibe, but the same activity, which is dancing, has different moments and expressions because the genre is different. Many countries and cultures have at least one form of traditional or folk dance.



These traditional dances might even be ‘national’ dances, and/or they might have an officially defined heritage and status (such as Salsa in Brazil). Such dances are deeply embedded in national and cultural history and identity. South Africa is known to have Pantsula and now with Amapiano, which is having challenges all the time.

Even though no differences existed between how funny the participants felt the video clip was, those who watched the amusing video clips alone would possibly laughed significantly less than those who watched Gogo in the video present of the crowd, whether it was a friend or a stranger. Anyone can find it amusing.

She found that humor makes people more happier and it is more likely that her audience will love to see her on stage. In South Africa, when you start dancing, people automatically make a circle because they want to be close to witness the good moves the dancer will showcase for them


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