Goodbye Ona; She leaves House of Zwide

Nomsa is just trouble. She is just too selfish and where money is involved she jumps at every opportunity without thinking twice. She always choose money over loyalty.

Always ready to throw anyone under the bus just because of money. She even used her cousin’s situation to get more money for herself. She loves money and does not care who gets sabotaged along the way.

Shoki was pretty clear that before they can sell or rent the dress they need Ona’s permission as the designer of the dress.

But she just decides otherwise without Ona’s consent. Nomsa lacks decision making skills.

Ona will just be in trouble because of Nomsa. Her dress was never meant to be publicised just as Funani told her.

Ona’s mother will regret her decision because it will now land her daughter into big trouble with the Zwide’s.


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