Do you think Nigeria is the only country that sings or has good music artists?

The problem is we only focus on Nigerian Music forgetting that good Music artistes exists in every country. The same way most Nigerian music artistes blend their native language with English to produce a masterpiece, that’s the same way other African countries blend their own native language with English to produce a Masterpiece in music,
that you don’t understand their language doesn’t mean the song is not good or deserves every recognition it gets.
So when it comes to the international stage and awards, hope to win but don’t expect to win, so you won’t end up crying online at the end of the day. Grammy is not a fraud, they just go for quality instead of quantity.
Like I previously said. Unlike other music award shows, such as the Billboard Music Awards or the MTV Music Video Awards, the Grammys aren’t voted on by the public. Instead, the awards are decided by voters from the Recording Academy. How could they have voted for Nigerian artistes, when we are busy comparing who is the best, the richest and all that on social media.
Wizkid FC you think because of sales Wizkid should win a Grammy. Do you guys know how many units Nicki  Minaj has sold? She hasn’t got a single Grammy. Snopp Dogg has 19 nominations and no Grammy.
On a norms if nobi Beyonce Wizkid for no see Grammy at all. To all the Outsiders, Burna boy na P.Diddy help am if not, he for no smell Grammy last year.
My point is, you guys should take a chill pill. There is nothing special about grammy. Tupac is the greatest rapper ever and has never won a Grammy.