Heartbreaking 16 year old takes her own life because of her mother.

By: KBOY / March 4th, 2022 / 274 views


Heartbreaking 16 year old takes her own life because of her mother. Its very heart breaking what is happening in Mzansi with the level of suicide rates going as people now seem to be finding it easy to end their lives as they feel they cannot navigate through life. People have taken their lives for a number of reasons mostly it is due to depression and recently Mzansi laid to rest one of their most beloved rappers after he killed himself.

Watch the video below.

Now Report are saying a 16 year old girl took her own life, it is said she took her life because her mother abandoned her. She was definitely at a very delicate stage of her life where she need her mother more than ever. Her mother’s life will never be the same knowing that she is the main reason why her daughter took her own life

From the message you can hear her pain, she can be heard saying a mother’s love is an important thing but she is not judging her mother for leaving her. She went on to post ‘FLY high’ on her Facebook page then killed herself.

Life is hard that is one thing for sure we each face our own struggles and pains and we handle them differently but ending your own life should not be the solution God should be, death is even more colder than being alive when you commit suicide.



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