Her allegedly millionaire boyfriend killed her and removed her private part after at night in hotel

By: KBOY / April 22nd, 2022 / 42 views

Her story will shock you her need to date rich man cost her, her life .

A couple of days ago Thursday to be specific she posted on her that’s she doesn’t date broke guys. Seemingly harmless post led to her demise. She had a rich boyfriend who’s was an alleged millionaire, She paid him a visit and spent a night with him which would be her last. What happened to her will shock you, she was found dead in the same hotel room that her alleged millionaire boyfriend booked where they spent a night. Her private part was missing and her so called rich boyfriend was no we’re to be found. Girls be careful who date so that you don’t meet the same fait as her. You should work hard for you money because there is no short cut in life every short cut has a trouble price.



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