Here Is Connie Ferguson’s Last Conversation With Her Husband Before He Died

Connie Ferguson last moments with Shona Ferguson

Connie Ferguson has opened up about her last moments with late husband,  Shona Ferguson who died in July last year.

Speaking during an interview with Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka about her life, family, kids and Shona Ferguson,  Connie Ferguson shared the last conversation she had with her husband in the hospital before he died.

Connie Ferguson last moments with Shona Ferguson
Connie Ferguson shares her last conversation with her husband Shona (Image Credit: Facebook)
Connie Ferguson said as she was massaging him, she told him that he was her soulmate and he pointed at her too since he couldn’t speak because of his mask.Connie said that those were  literally the last spoken words between herself and  husband before he died

“I remember the last thing I said to him and the last thing he said to me before they incubated him. As I was massaging his feet I told him that he is my soul mate. He couldn’t speak because he had a CPAP mask. He pointed at me too. Those were literally the last words spoken to each other before he went under, said Connie Ferguson.
went on to talk about how they were planning to renew their wedding vows on their 20th anniversary. The actress revealed that they had a dance planned for their anniversary and she kept on reminding Shona that he owes her a dance.
We had this dance planned for our 20th. I remember when he was in hospital I kept on reminding him that he owes me a dance. The very early morning of the 30th I said to him one more day and it didn’t pan out that day

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