Isengcani Lengani: Fans Angry After Siyacela

By: KBOY / March 17th, 2022 / 126 views

Isengcani Lengani: Fans Angry After Siyace

Isengcani Lengani is undoubtedly one of the most loved and viewed reality Tv shows in Mzansi. It is an African show that airs on DStv, Moja Love Tv channel, on 157.

The show has progressed to higher standard over the period due to the drama that occurs in the daily lives of the young married couple, Siyacela and Thando Dlamuka. And Siyacela has now caused drama again.

Isengcani Lengani: Fans Angry After Siyacela

As a young married couple and living in the rural areas where tradition and cultures are still practised, they live under the guidelines projected to them by their parents. However, Siyacela seems to not be about that life as he disobeys almost every rule that is given to him.

Siyacela has once again sparked anger amongst viewers. This is after his recent conversation with his father , where his father was reprimanding him of disrespecting his wife Thando.

Siyacela responded by saying he is the father of Thando and his wife will do as he pleases. He further got into detail that she had no father when he found her, which practically makes him the father and a husband to Thando



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