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King Misuzulu was escorted out of the party at a ceremony by King Ntokozo Zulu, KaMayisela on Saturday, in Newcastle, following a day-to-day visit to KwaMayisela. Guests were left standing and the cake was not cut as expected. The event got off to a good start with the full crowd inside, with not even a place to stay so that some of the guests were standing at the entrance to the tent.

As the event progressed, the speakers took turns congratulating the King and the Royal Family on their wonderful event, and Mr Thulani Nkwanyana, a traditional healer, appeared on his knees where the King and Queen were sitting, and whispered something after which the King stood up and was escorted by guards, one of themwho was leading the movement with people at gunpoint, apparently in a hurry.followed by KaMayisela and his bodyguards, they got into their cars and ran out of the venue.

.In the midst of all this, Prince Thulani Zulu, who was in charge of the program, had announced that when the speakers finished, the King and the Royal Family would stand up and cut the cake and make toast. All of which ended up not happening which forced the cake to remain so unbaked, and the guests were left stunned. THE SUN has lamented through its sources that the King came out with a security guard, there were allegations of his insecurity, which forced him to leave his party with the Royal Family before it was over.

An inside source asked by the newspaper about the King and King’s eviction, he said it was because of the King’s security threats. The guests stayed inside, continuing to eat and play music. About 30 minutes later Prince Thulani announced that the event was coming to an end, calling for a thank-you note. Contacted by Prince Thulani about this, he admitted that the King had left before the event was over.

As for the King’s release, he said he did not know anything about it but would still follow up and find out what had happened. ” I also saw that the seats were empty, and I thought to myself that perhaps the King is coming back. I just noticed the power outage as it just went off but I will keep an eye on it, to hear what it was like, ”said Mr Nkwanyana. LANGA contacted Mr Nkwanyana, confirming that he had something to say to the King “which is importan

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