Ladies stop Going to Groove Broke, Check out what People Noticed about These Pictures

For a long time now people have been complaining about ladies that go to the groove with having money and expecting guys to buy alcohol for them. This habit has been going on for years, and for some time guys did fall for it and they bought alcohol for these ladies in order to keep them entertained and with the possibility of getting some afterwards.

At the end of the night these ladies would slip out the back or act as if they were going to the toilet, and just never come back, so most guys have cought on to this scam and they are slowly turning the tables and telling ladies to not go out for drinks if they don’t have money to buy their own drinks. People have been posting pictures of ladies sitting alone at the groove with one bottle of alcohol, or with nothing in front of them all together.

They have been turned into laughing stocks for doing this and guys are certainly not pitying them any more becuase the money they make is their and their alone, and they do not have to share it with people they do not want to share it with.



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