“Prince Is Still Doing This To Me” – Ozo Cries Out

By: KBOY / August 8th, 2020 / 213 views

Ozo believes Prince is holding grievances against him since he shut him down the last time and his closeness with Nengi.

Speaking with Dorathy on the emotions and tempers flying at every second in the house, he cited Prince’s situation as an example, saying he has been giving him a side-eye since.

Ozo had a serious altercation with Prince which saw him raise his voice in an undeserving manner, he later apologized.

He revisited the issue of Prince breaking the brotherhood code by proposing to Nengi even after Ozo had publicly declared his love for her.

To Ozo, he knew about it and withdrew for him to pursue Nengi but that didn’t stop him from having interactions with him. Dorathy advised him to keep his cool.



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