Prophet who prophesied Jamie Bartlett’s death reveals female celeb is next

By: KBOY / May 27th, 2022 / 27 views

The prophet who “predicted” the death of South African actor Jamie Bartlett claims he has another message of doom: and that is the alleged imminent death of a female celebrity “due to drug use”.

Prophet MellonTik Orasi of Zimbabwe, who is based in SA, relayed his message of doom on his Facebook page.

Prophet MellonTik Orasi, who lives in Mpumalanga according to his Facebook account, warned his followers of another premonition he had.

He shared in a post on Tuesday 23 May: “Pay attention correctly. Shortly a female multi-talented South African celebrity, will die due to drug abuse and brain damage”.

Over the weekend, the prophet reportedly predicted the death of “a male celebrity in the South African arts industry dying shortly if prayer is not made”.


But whilst he did not name any names, the prophet claims his prediction was fulfilled after news broke of Jamie Bartlett’s death on Monday evening. He shared a picture of Jamie Bartlett on Facebook following the news with the caption: “May he rest in peace”.

The prophet also claims he predicted the death of Shona Ferguson and Riky Rick.

Meanwhile, Khanyi Mbauhas been hit again by more death prophecies.


The actress and media personality was the target of Prophet Ivan Ndlovu from the Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministry in Zimbabwe last year.

For the second time, the prophet has alluded to claims that her life is in danger in a sermon posted on Facebook. Without naming her, the prophet claimed that a female celebrity – known as “KM” would befall an “early grave”.

He said: “The person has not changed. Instead, the person concerned has become worse. We must pray for God to lengthen her days. She can make fun of the messages that we speak. But one day is one day”.



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