RIP: 17-year-old Boy Got Stabbed By 3 Of His 10 Girlfriends. Here Is What He Did

Mzansi Is still left in shock after hearing about the death of 17-year-old boy from Mpumalanga who recently got stabbed by his 3 other girlfriends. It’s heartbreaking and painful to heard that his girlfriends is the one who stabbed him. Relationship has become the biggest crime on the country. No body is safe, both woman and kids are in trouble.

It’s sad d and heartbreaking what is currently happening in South Africa. Each day we heard about the death of a woman or a child. Not long ago we recently heard about he young lady who also got stabbed to death while he was working from home at Cosmo City in Johannesburg.

A source revealed that the 17-year-old boy was stabbed by his 3 other girlfriends. Apparently the young man was seeing 10 girls at the same time. It seems like the boy did not play his cards right until the girls end up finding out that they are not alone abut they are more than 10.



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