RIP: KaMadonsela Here Is What Happened To Her In Imbewu

RIP: KaMadonsela Here Is What Happened To Her In Imbewu

Imbewu viewers were left off gut after suddenly death of KaMadonsela. Mzansi could not help to wonder what really happened to her character. Just like yesterday everything was fine, she was fine even in her role in the show and now we come to learn that she is dead.

The roof KaMadonsela that is currently played by Brenda Mhlongo has come to an end. This is the end of the road for her in the show. Her character come to an end after the suddenly death. The Imbewu: The Seed viewers is still left in the dark. They now asking themselves why and why the suddenly death.

RIP: KaMadonsela Here Is What Happened To Her In Imbewu  

Brenda Mhlongo who is now known as Mkhize is popular known as one of South African actress and media personality. According to the source the actress Brenda has left the character of KaMadonsela. A sour e revealed that she dumped the show to join The River. Source revealed that she has now located in Johannesburg where she has already started shooting her acting roles in The River.

It seems like the actress has been offered a good offer she cannot refused. Being offered a good cheque it means she is good at what she does. Brendan Mhlongo replaced the former Imbewu actress known as Fundi Zwane. Fundi Zwane was fired in the show after she demanded raise in her salary. Fundi was shown doorway and Brenda Mhlongo came in her space to replace her.

Brenda Mhlongo Mkhize has been in the entertainment for many years. She was also playing in Generations: The Legacy as a wife of Jack Mabaso. She is one of iconic in the industry. Her acting experience has taken her to the top.

If you miss her in Imbewu: The Seed You don’t have to worry because you will be seeing more of her in The River. Without any doubt she is going to kill her role in The River. We know that The River only recruit the best actor and actress.


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