RIP: These Grade 12 Learners Were Found Dead In The Forest, See What Happened

South Africa is no longer as peaceful country as before, in the last 48 hours, we have gathered about 5 deaths and over 14 arrested criminals. The whole issue started when the people of thembisa decided to indulge in violent protest against the government, according to them, the government are not developing anything in their state.

Although many sad news has been trending on all social media platforms, this particular news have caught people’s attention because of the manner and the way it happened. According to multiple reputable sources, it was stated that two grade-12 were hacked to death by unknown men at their house in Creighton in southern kwazulu-natal.

This news is a sad one, many people have been sharing their thoughts on this particular incident; some said the lack of security in the land is becoming unbearable and should be taken seriously While some blamed the heartless criminals for killing two Children that doesn’t know anything.

The killer have not been found yet, but the police are still looking around to know the root of this matter.

For me; I would sincerely pour my condolences to the mother of the two children, I know it’s not easy to forget about your children like that but we should take everything into God’s hand and pray may their souls find everlasting peace.


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