RIP: Watch University Student Jumps To Death, Very Disturbing

By: KBOY / April 1st, 2022 / 80 views

South Africans are left shuttered after witnessing what an alleged universitt student recently did.Apparently the learner decided end their own life by jumping from ninth (9th) floor to death.It is a very disturbing video which really shocked many people and left others concerned about university students.Seemingly university students are going through a lot and that leads to most of them to commit suicide.

This video has left many people shocked, it is not yet clear which residence the incident happenes and which university the student attends.

Sadly the student did not survive the horrific accident.Students are adviced to seek for help from their respective universities or to talk to their loved ones instead of committing suicide.It is very heartbreaking to witnesa the incident and how the student took it’s own life.Parents are also concerned that their children do not really talk about the university pressure.

Also parents tend to keep the pressure towarda their children demanding them distinctions which lead to ending their lives.



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