SAD || Nine Months Old Baby Painfully Killed By His Nanny

By: KBOY / March 22nd, 2022 / 116 views

The death of a nine months old baby boy from Lavender Hill in Capetown has left people depressed and in shock. Caswell Fran’s was painfully killed by his nanny whom the family trusted so much. It was reported that he was beaten by the nanny and later she poured water on his face. The woman who has been identified as Priscilla Morris has been arrested by the police for murder and already made her first appearance in court. She is expected to appear in court again on the 26th of April .

What she did is really being heartless and you get to question why she would do that to an innocent child.It is alleged that the parents were failing to pay her the money for her work. Even if his parents did her wrong she had no right to make the child to pay for their sins. He was just an innocent child but she saw it fit to kill him. Accepting his death must have been the painful thing for his parents as they were not ready to say goodbye to him more especially to this manner. Losing a loved one is really not easy and it always leave people depressed.

Now people fear to leave their children with their nannies as they fear for their lives. They fear that something bad might happen to their children when they are not around. People are being warned to be always vigilant around nannies who are taking care of their children and most importantly to hire a nanny who will not be harmful to their family. It is vital to check the person that you wish to work with to avoid being stuck in so much trouble that will be difficult to handle. What is your take on this matter?



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