Scandal: Motsabi kidnaps Khanyi Jewel

The Scandal! August teasers reveal that Dintle will regret inviting her troubled daughter Motshabi to stay with her after they get into an argument and one of her daughters goes missing.


The TVSA Scandal ! August teasers also reveal that Motshabi (Dakalo Molope) will get jealous of her mother Dintle’s relationship with her half-sister Khanyi-Jewel.


The Friday 5 August teaser reads: “Envy over a mother’s love irks a sibling.”As Scandal ! viewers predicted, Motshabi will cause a lot of trouble for Dintle in the coming two weeks and Dintle will realise that playing nice with her teenage daughter will do her more harm than good



Motsabi’s true colours will come out next Friday 12 August and Dintle will realise that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“Mo’s true colours come out and maybe devastating to someone who adores her.”

The pair will argue on Friday, 26 August and one of Dintle’s daughters will go missing. “Words said in anger create a rift between a parent and child.”

Monday 29 August 2022: “One mother fears the worst for her missing daughter.”

Dintle feels guilty for putting Motshabi up for adoption even though she knows it was the right decision at the time as she was only a teenager when she fell pregnant with her


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