See how Amo will make Hlengiwe suffer the Winston way just because she dumped him for the Zimbabwean guy

By: KBOY / March 27th, 2022 / 92 views

Over the whole week Amo has been in denial that his relationship with Hlengiwe is over. He had sacrificed a lot for the relationship to work out.

Now that he’s been kicked out of the apartment he has to find a new place, luckily Venon is there to help.

It has been a tough week for Amo after he was dumped by her girlfriend Amo because of the affairs that Hlengiwe has with the doctor which made her to break up with her lover, and the guy has been filling ashamed of himself becuase he didn’t take this break up easily as he was chased out of the house.

But Stokies came through for him last tonight after he told him to.move in with him on his flat so that he can found the place to stay in the weeks to come, and this was the good news for Amos because he will now have the place to crash whole Hlengiwe is still trying to find her mother.

Amos has learned the lessons of love on the heart way behe was dumped without going doing anything.

Maybe he will try to move with his life because Hlengiwe can’t be trusted.



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