Shaka Khoza from The Queen really needs help. See what he was spotted doing in a public area

Sthembiso Khoza, who is famously known as Shaka Khoza, has been trending on social media after his video where he was fighting with another boy at a garage was shared in the media.

The video has been shared on social media by the well-known South African influencer Blessings Ramoba, where Sthembiso Khoza was being hold by someone, including the petrol attendances in order to stop him from fighting.

Judging by the way it looked, he looked like he was under the influence of alcohol, also, by the way he was dressing.

The South African actor gained himself a lot of fame aftet playing a role of Shaka Khoza in the Mzansi Magic local drama series, The Queen.

He spent almost his whole career playing at the Queen, however, he parted ways with the Ferguson films last year. The real reason was not revealed, however, it is believed that he was fired by the Ferguson films for an unknown reason.

The actor is originally from KwaZulu-Natal, in a township called Ntuzuma, which is located in Durban.

The incident was not reported on where it took place, it is possible that it was in Gauteng, or maybe in KwaZulu-Natal, where he is originally from.

People on social media were saying the guy needs some serious help. Maybe he is struggling mentally, since he is not getting roles in the acting industry at the moment.

After parting ways with The Queen, he has not appeared in any other local drama series. However, as an experienced actor, he will surely get one soon.

The video that was shared about him is not actually the first video to trend, which is basically about him. There is the other one that trended some time ago where they were dancing with women in a house.

See below what people had to say about the whole situation:


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