She was in a pool of blood” Strange details surrounding Busi Lurayi’s mysterious death emerge as family suspects foul play!

It has been two weeks since Television actress Busi Lurayi’s untimely padding, and now new information about the cause of her death has emerged. Her family says Busi was found lying in her pool with visible bruises on her legs and her mouth was slightly open with blood gushing out.

Busi was discovered by her dad Freddy Mokoena, who says his daughter had bruises on her legs and that he found her lying down facing up and fully clothed.

Two of her friends who asked to remain anonymous have also said it’s very suspicious that she was found with bruises on her body.

” If she died of natural causes, then why did she have bruises on her legs and blood gushing out of her mouth when her father found her?”

The two friends were also afraid to reveal their identity, fearing victimization.

The family is still awaiting the autopsy report.

“The police should do a thorough job here, and we need answers. They know what we are talking about.”

Actress Busisiwe Lurayi "Tumi" from How To Ruin Christmas suddenly dies in her home
Actress Busisiwe Lurayi “Tumi” from How To Ruin Christmas suddenly died in her home. Instagram/Busi

Sunday World reported that a statement they read confirmed that Busi had bruises on her legs and blood was oozing from her mouth when her father discovered her body.

The publication says the statement read that Sgt Dlamini from the Edenvale SAPS alleged that on the 10th of July while he was on duty patrolling in the area, he received a complaint of 2 Baker Road Edenglen, Edenvale.

On his arrival, he found the deceased family members with the body of the dead, Busisiwe Lurayi. Her father, Mr Freddy Mokoena, led him to the body in one of the bedrooms facing upwards with her mouth slightly open and wearing clothes, with visible bruises on her legs and bleeding from the mouth.

Busi’s father remembered her saying she loved music and always sang a Ray Charles song called “it’s time to cry again”, and he said when he saw her body lying there, he felt like it was a time to cry again.

Busi was found deceased on the 7th of July and laid to rest on July the 20th, 2022.

The police are still waiting for a toxicology report to reveal the real cause of Busi’s death.


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