SHOCKING VIDEO| Man Turns Into A Cow After Sleeping With A Married Woman

By: KBOY / May 11th, 2022 / 39 views
Man Turns Into Cow

Man Turns Into Cow

SHOCKING VIDEO| Man Turns Into A Cow After Sleeping With A Married Woman 


In a dramatic turn of events, an unidentified man seemingly turned into a cow after he bedded a married woman.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the man is seen sitting on the ground, sobbing. His legs had turned into a cow’s trotters, and he had grown a tail, which was wiggling from behind him.

The man is crying like a human being, but in between the sobs, he is making the mooing sounds like a cow.

As he moos, a group of people surrounds him in utter shock and bemusement, taking videos of the strange and dramatic incident. They inspect his trotters and take videos of his tail.

iHarare is still ascertaining the video’s authenticity as no details indicate where the video was shot. However, towards the end, a man with an East African accent narrates the incident.


This guy was bewitched and turned into a cow after sleeping with someone’s wife. I feel sorry for this guy but let this serve as a lesson to people who like to sleep with people’s wives. There are a lot of single women out there.


Watch the video below.


Some people from the African tradition believe that a man can “fix” his wife using juju such that when another man sleeps with her, problems befall him. Some will be stuck during sex, while some will have a never-ending erection.

Check out some of the Facebook reactions to the video.

Gregory Moyo – 

If it was true, do you think the people would be getting this close, let alone touching him? Come on now, folks😀😀😀🤡


Kule Rucaz – 

This is what should be done to nhlanhla Lux. He should be turned into a pig.


Sofia Tariro – 

People now our day busy with their phones, yet the man is mooing, and they are taking videos of the legs and the tail🤣🤣🤣🤣


Godwin Gaffa Mutunami – 

Kkkkkk, aren’t you the ones who say people belong to God? One day someone will be turned into a rat, and a cat will eat it.



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