Shooting And Death At Somizi’s House? Watch This Video

There is a Prophet who took to tiktok to talk about what has been revealed to him about the popular media personality Somizi. He says he was shown that Somizi will be involved in a shooting accident. He says there will be blood shed and Somizi will be blamed for it.

He says he wants the message to be delivered to Somizi, and he wants Somizi to seek help so this can be prevented from happening. He says he doesn’t know what Somizi believes in, but he should seek help in whatever he believes in.

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The Prophet further states that Somizi should be careful of those he is always hanging out with as there are vultures within the group he hangs around with. He didn’t mentions any names, but is pleading with Somizi to seek help in order to prevent this from happening. Watch on the link below to hear everything that the man says.


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