Skin bleaching gone wrong…Trolls mock Khanyi Mbau’s two colour-toned hands caused by skin bleaching.

Skin bleaching gone wrong...Trolls mock Khanyi Mbau's two colour-toned hands caused by skin bleaching. 
Skin bleaching gone wrong...Trolls mock Khanyi Mbau's two colour-toned hands caused by skin bleaching. 
Skin bleaching gone wrong…Trolls mock Khanyi Mbau’s two colour-toned hands caused by skin bleaching.


Actress and television personality Khanyi Mbau has admitted to bleaching her skin and has even shared with her fans the tips from time to time. She recently got mocked after her not so good looking knuckles were dark in the trending reality TV show Young, Famous and African.

Khanyi Mbau has never kept it a secret that she has devoted her life to bleaching her skin and achieving a skin tone far from her original, melanated skin tone.

Khanyi’s getting darker by the time as she stopped using the bleaching products a year ago that’s why some parts of her body look really bad. She started skin bleaching in 2017 and this is how she looks now. Check these photos below

Khanyi Mbau skin bleaching  Khanyi Mbau skin bleaching

People are making fun of her skin saying she looks like someone who has jaundice. Others say she looks like someone who has health issues.

Khanyi has explained that people might be doing skin lightening incorrectly, but says it does not require expensive products.



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In her last episode of insight on skin lightening called The Art of Skin Lightening, she gave tips on how to handle the difficult part of the body to lighten, which are the hands. She started off by reminding her fans that each season required a different skincare routine.

“We are now entering the thick of summer, it’s time to switch up our products. Remember I did say in the previous episodes that seasons aren’t the same. You need to stop with the brand or product you used over winter before you start breaking out.”

Khanyi continued to explain and warn her followers that peels are dangerous in summer.

“Peels expose undeveloped skin into the atmosphere, placing shock onto them, then it causes inflammation. Once your skin starts turning pink or red stop immediately. That’s a red flag you have gone too far and this applies to the body as well. So once your hands look too red … you are burning.

The difficult part about skin lightening is achieving the same shade throughout the body. The actress made it clear that she was not a doctor and that her insights were based on a personal study as an avid “skin lightening fanatic”.

“My experience and observations have proven that your lifestyle is the first point. If you do, every time you touch your steering wheel in the day you are placing your hands into an oven, and all the active, and all the active lotion will start to cook.”

The actress ended her thread by advising her followers to always opt for organic formulas for their skin.

Khanyi Mbau from Young, Famous, and African: Skin Bleaching Details!

The first African reality show, Young, Famous, and African was released on 18th March 2022 and all seven episodes were released on the same day. Typically, ten African popular personalities or let’s say successful people from five different African countries live together in Johannesburg.

The ten cast members of Young, Famous, and African are Khanyi Mbau, Diamond Platnumz, Annie Macaulay-Idibia, 2Baba, Zari, Nadia Nakai, Naked DJ, Andile Ncube, Kayleigh Schwark, and Swanky Jerry.

The 36-year-old, Khanyi Mbau who is literally the queen of Young, Famous, and African, has been surrounded by hate. Khanyi is always open when it comes to talking about her skin bleaching process, and she has always admitted that she wants to have a lighter skin tone than what she has naturally.

Although it had been years Khanyi Mbau stopped her skin bleaching process and adapted to the cosmetic products, Mbau seems to be unsatisfied, and thus, and has developed second thoughts about adapting to her usual skin whitening process.

People are too perplexed by Khanyi’s commitment to skin bleaching, and at the same time, Khanyi always mentions that one should be proud of their skin tone, therefore, people always question her, and even bash her because she herself isn’t confident with her skin color but is asking other people to develop confidence.

“It started out as a quick solution to sunburns when I used to drive my Peugeot 206 cc. I played Doobsie, then I was out of continuity coz I was very dark from the sun; bought a cheap bleaching cream; it did wonders, so I enjoyed my ride and didn’t p_ss off production. A few months into this new hack, I liked my lighter look. It made me feel rich, and I was getting all the compliments on my glow-up! Ego booster. I then fell in love with the girl in the mirror, and chose this packaging for brand Khanyi like Beyonce chose her big fan on stage. To sum it up, the journey has been cool but with great difficulty that none of you should have to face coz nobody wants to address this issue – and this is an age-long game.


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