Somizi Wants A Rich Bae

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Somizi Mhlongo is tired of being played by people below his pay grade and has asked God to bless him with a wealthy man.

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On the latest episode of Somizi’s reality show Living The Dream with Somizi Season 5, he received a gift which was a bouquet of flowers from a friend. This was for his birthday but Somizi says he would regularly receive them from Siya, the friend.

But, Somizi is manifesting that he would get a man like Siya and his pockets must also run deep.

Then Somizi, who awarded himself the opportunity to vent on his reality show, said he now wants to date a rich man. Somizi was married to Mohale Motaung but now he said he is tired of broke boys.

“Lord, why won’t you give me a man like this? Why?” he said after receiving the flowers. “Because the ones I date are broke. Lord I pray on my 49th birthday, give me a man that has at least half the money that I have, which is a couple of millions. Give me a man that has half the cars that I have, a man that has half the houses that I have,” he cried out.

Things ended very badly between Somizi and Mohale with abuse allegations making rounds. Mohale claimed that Somizi would abuse him and when he said they are getting a divorce he said he would like to leave with what he came with, Which is his clothes and his car which was apparently damaged by the TV personality.

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In the episode, Somizi revealed to his friend Vusi Nova that he was almost pushed to commit suicide because of all the bad things that happened to him. “Honestly, I was justified this year to commit suicide with things that I have been through.”

Meanwhile, Mohale revealed on his social media that he has been attending therapy and is still healing. The 27-year-old said “Today was day 52 with my therapist since we started a year ago. I’m happy, hurting, and healing at the same time. Don’t ask me how I’m doing it because I don’t know, but I’m doing it, and I’m so proud of myself,” he said.

Mohale said he would rather mop the floor than take his ex-lover back and that he does not want to date anybody in the public eye anymore.

Speaking about their divorce, things just keep taking a turn nobody expected. In his reality show Somizi said, “At the white wedding when you know you know and I knew that with the marriage it was going to be a challenge. But there are challenges that come with a marriage naturally and there are challenges where you see that there’s hell,” he said.

“They told us that the priest didn’t come with the papers. We were supposed to sign the following week and anyway, I never raised it because in our relationship I was always the initiator. So, had he initiated then he knew I was going to be skeptical because since when does he initiate?”

But several reports suggest that they never signed anything at Home Affairs. City Press even reported that Mohale’s family returned his lobola money to the Mhlongo family.

On his mission to vent on the show, Somizi even touched on their sex life saying is was dull, “There is a part where he says I suggested threesome and stuff. My suggestion of not an open relationship, a versatile relationship were for the benefit of our marriage. Here I was dealing with someone who had issues with sex or I don’t know what you call it. I still stayed, but I said to him let’s find other ways to either we go to a sex therapy, he didn’t want to go because he was in denial that the sex life wasn’t great.”

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