South African DJ Uncle Waffles Faces Prison

Uncle Waffles Faces Prison


Uncle Waffles Faces Prison

Botswana journalist Daniel Kenosi has revealed that Swatini DJ Uncle Waffles might be facing jail time after pulling a no show at an event she was scheduled to perform in the neighbouring country.

Uncle Waffles snubbed an event that she was booked to perform last weekend. The promoter of the show is alleged to be demanding all the money that had been paid to the DJ since she chose not to honor the agreement of the contract.

Taking to his Facebook page, Kenosi wrote:

Swaziland Dj, Uncle Waffles will spend the night behind bars this weekend for obtaining by false pretences if she doesn’t pay back the promoters.

The Swati star was scheduled to perform in Botswana on Saturday but didn’t show up with no explanation. She later went on Twitter and gave BATSWANA a middle finger.

As per contract, She is expected to pay back P40k plus 75% of the same amount.

Uncle Waffles is not the only celebrity who snubbed an event in the neighbouring country despite payment of advance money for a performance.

Kenosi alleges that two years ago, DJ Heavy K was forced to use the back door of a hotel in Gaborone as one promoter was hunting for him with a warrant of arrest.

This year, Dj Maphorisa was forced to pay back Exotic at the last hour of his flight to Botswana as police waited for his arrival.

Further allegations are that sometime in March, Prince Benza was forced to extend his stay in Botswana because the court had confiscated his travel documents until he paid back the promoters he owed.

Uncle Waffles hogged the headlines recently after it was alleged that the DJ is a transgender female and her transformation came just before her big breakthrough a few years ago.

The rumour blew up on Facebook when a picture of Uncle Waffles with her gay dancers Coachella Randy, Kagiso and Kamo at Cotton Fest was shared.

Some Facebook users then started insinuating that Uncle Waffles is transgender, with one Zizo Khoza commenting: “So that “uncle” makes sense now.”

Some tweeps defended Uncle Waffles saying people should stop hating and body-shaming her.


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