South African Girl Hangs Self

A 15-year-old South African student from Ndwendwe in the iLembe District of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa has sadly hung herself after ancestral spirits that made her become a sangoma forced her out of school causing her to miss classes and exams.

Mbalenhle Ngobese was suspended from school by the headmaster in February 2022 after a misunderstanding over her choice of uniform after her ancestral initiation.

Her ancestors were forcing her to put on a traditional garment called ibhayi on top of her uniform. She was also putting on traditional bandles on her arms. But this was against school policies which forced the unnamed headmaster to dismiss her from school and exams until she changed her traditional attire for a proper uniform.

The story made headlines earlier in June after social media expressed mixed feelings over the issue with some in favour of the school policies that were against traditional attires on school grounds. However, a majority of tweeps expressed disappointment over the dismissal of the school kid and disregard of ancestral callings by school policies in South Africa.

Today, less than a month after the story was first broken by 1KNTV News; the publication has learnt that the 15-year-old girl decided to take her own life by hanging.

Reasons for the suicide act are not yet known to the public but the publication is reliably informed that the teen took her own life after feeling pressures from her ancestral calling that were working against her personal desires such as school and life as a teen in general.

Ancestral callings have gained so much traction lately in the Southern African country, especially among young people. Celebrities alike have not been spared from the traditional practice as many Mzansi A-listers have found themselves


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