South Africa’s Greatest Family involved in a fatal car accident

By: KBOY / March 17th, 2022 / 133 views

SA’s Greatest Family involved in a fatal car accident. MZANSI’S Greatest Family, the Nkoanes, are grateful to God for saving Tebogo “Mommy” and Kgosi Nkoane who were involved

SA’s Greatest Family involved in a fatal car accident - Video

Tebogo, the matriarch of the Nkoane family, and Kgosi (15), the middle child, were involved in the accident on Monday, 14 March.

The family, known and loved for their reality show on social media, Mzansi’s Greatest Family, shared a video from the scene of the accident and Tazman Nkoane, also known as Daddy, also hosted a live video where he explained what happened.

“On Monday, Mommy and Kgosi got involved in an accident. Mommy’s car had a few scratches. Everybody is fine, Kgosi and Mommy are cool and okay. Even the people who crashed Mommy’s car are fine. No one was injured,” he said.

“Mommy was able to turn the direction of the car on the N4 and it was raining. Everyone who was there was shocked because it was on the highway. What she did during that time in the afternoon was nearly impossible. “The guy hit Mommy on the back and her car drifted but she was able to control it to face the other direction. So that was God. We really want to thank Him,” he said.



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