The following are some of the reasons why Makhadzi is being accused of interfering in the marriage of VeeMampeezy

As a result of the allegations that she interfered in the relationship of the other person, makhadzi is once again in the conversation.

After it was announced that Vee Mampeezy has filed for divorce from his wife because he is terminating their marriage, Vee Mampeezy became a trending topic. On the other hand, many individuals are praising Makhadzi for the fact that he intervened in Vee’s life earlier on. This comes after Makhadzi and Botswana’s most talented musician, Vee Mampeezey, collaborated to make a hit song called “Ndono neta u kondelela” not too long ago.

After Makhadzi had made a comment that was a heavy blow under her present boyfriend, Master KG, this also made a little bit of sense. After KG had posted, “Good night to all Venda people from the real brother in law,” Makhadzi responded by saying that she would surprise KG by posting the real brother in law. This happened after KG had posted the greeting.

As of yesterday, it appears like Vee Mampeezy and his wife Kagiso are moving on with the process of getting a divorce. Despite this, Kagiso continues to indicate that the divorce was already in the works before Makhadzi could work with her spouse on the project



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