‘This Is Disgrace || Makhadzi’s Statue Leaves People Angry

By: KBOY / April 9th, 2022 / 56 views

People were left dissapointed today following the photo of a statue of Makhadzi that has been circulating on social media. Makhadzi is a South African award winning musician and dancer loved all over the world. She has gained a large fan base all over the world . She is one of the musicians in the country who are representing South Africa on an international level. It’s good seeing young people like her working so hard to uplift the entertainment industry of South Africa. Her work has made her to gain more popularity in other countries.

Just few weeks ago she filled the stadium at Botswana hosting a one woman’s show. Thousands of people gathered at the stadium to see her perfoming. This is one of the biggest achievements in her life and it will forever be remembered. As young as she is she continues to prove that hard work and dedication will always pay off. She started her journey in the music industry at high school where people used to shame her and calling her names but she focused on what she believed is important to her.

Today she is one of the best musicians in the country. She encourages others to hang in there no matter what life throws at them. She had been bullied countless times and called names but as always her focus is not on what people say about her but what she believes is important. A photo of her statue has left many peole angry as they it is disgrace. They believe that whoever did the statue wanted to Hummiliated her.Judging from the photo that did rounds on social media its clear that this was another way of bullying her.

Again people are contuing to use social media to bully others. She is always being bullied and that is wrong. Cyber bullying is one of the things that drive people more especially celebrities to commit suicide. Many people have ended their lives because of cyber bullying and others ended up being depressed. People have turned social media into something else and it’s wrong. People need to refrain from bullying others. What is your take on this matter?



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