TRENDING: Zola 7 Thanks Mzansi For Showing Him Love

Zola 7 Thanks Mzansi

TRENDING: Zola 7 Thanks Mzansi For Showing Him Love


Zola 7 Thanks Mzansi
Bonginkosi Zola 7 Dlamini (Image: Instagram/Bonginkosi Zola Dlamini)

South African music legend Bonginkosi “Zola 7” Dlamini has expressly thanked South Africans for the massive outpouring of love they have been showing him over the past two weeks.

There had been rumours, ignited by rapper and music entrepreneur Nota Baloyi that the yesteryear star is seriously ill. A video surfaced online, showing Zola 7 looking paler than the image of him people grew up familiar with.



The sympathy and concern from South Africans online prompted calls to assist the star. Activist Tumi Sole of the Country Duty initiative, had by Tuesday tracked down Zola and his wife’s contact details, and said he would contact him to find out what was going on and what assistance was needed. Nota also encouraged people to stream Zola 7’s music and pressure promoters to book him so they can attend his shows.



Zola 7 was deeply moved by the care people are showing him.

In a Facebook post published last night, Zola uGuluva said: “I’ve received hundreds of texts asking for my banking details. I see I’m trending on Twitter and plenty of people are offering financial assistance as gratitude. I’ve never expected anything in return for the help I’ve given people in need but this is truly humbling. Initially I rejected this notion ngoba I’m a proud nguni man kodwa futhi kuthiwa ungabo jikisa isipho osphiwa sona. Ngakho, ngiyabonga Guluva Nation. I can’t respond to all of you kodwa here are the banking details eniwacelile. #namanje.”



In the comments, people were showing him love.

“Ordinary South Africans are willing to come through for you! We can donate money so that you can leave this cruel entertainment industry, you can start something of your own, maybe buy a farm and live in peace King!! As people who appreciate you, we are willing to do anything to lift you up, you also deserve that after helping so many people!” said Samkelisiwe ‘Sam K’ Mtshali.

IAdvocate Minenhle Ngubane added: “But Bhuti You cannot say that while we r all worried about You ,do a Live Video and confirm ukuthi u ryt ,up until than we never gonna stop worrying 😭😭🥺.”

“We don’t believe Social Media but we still believe in you and are much aware that you capable of taking good care of yourself however we would like to plough back to the good seed you are. Can you kindly allow the hearts that love you so dearly to give back to you as our token of appreciation for what you have done for us as a nation? We love and appreciate you a lot Guluva# one heart,” reiterated Princess Bomza Myabe Mdangekazi.


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