VIDEO: Inno Morolong Involved In A Terrible Car Accident

Award-winning club host and social media influencer Inno Morolong is reported to have been involved in a horrible car accident that almost claimed her life yesterday afternoon. The local club socialite and reality tv star is said to have survived the accident but has also suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital immediately. Videos of a car burning to ashes have made rounds on social media with users claiming that it is the car she was driving in.

Entertainment blogger Musa Khawula and The Pop Corn Room shared the shocking news of Inno’s car accident on Instagram and Twitter respectively. A direct message from Inno’s Instagram account was sent to the popular gossip blog The Popcorn Room and it reads, “Inno Morolong was involved in a car accident. The car burnt to ashes and she is badly injured but she’s rushed to the hospital. The family will issue a statement tomorrow.”

Musa Khawula shared a disturbing video of the car burning on Twitter suggesting that it is the same car Inno was in when her accident took place and an unidentified woman is heard crying in the video.

The Diamonds and Dolls reality TV star gained her social media stardom from club hosting and again after debuting her new body on camera for Mac G’s podcast show hosted by her nemesis Tebogo Thobejane, City Girls on YouTube earlier this year. Inno’s new look reportedly cost her over R200 000. Speaking to Tebogo Thobejane on City Girls, Inno said her old body inconvenienced her a lot, and it was starting to affect her work and her love life. She also trended after her split with Tebogo where the former friends attacked and insulted each other online and aired each other’s dirty laundries out to the public.

In December 2021, online users also dragged Inno for syndicating young women on Instagram calling her a pimp. The socialite wrote an Instagram story inviting girls who are “stressed about money” and are clean and “new beautiful baddies” to reply to her post and send through their pictures in order for her to invite them to party with her and “drink for free.”

Online users and some followers of the influencer started sharing their good wishes and recovery messages for Inno Moroleng after the disturbing video of a car turned over and burning resurfaced on social media with claims by users that it is the car Inno was driving in ahead of her accident.

Although many are sympathizing with Inno, others think that this could be a possible publicity stunt. A direct message was sent to The Pop Corn Room using Inno’s account and sharing the shocking news and fans are betting their money that it was Inno herself who sent in the DM.

One user wrote in a tweet, “I think she faked this whole thing, a DM was sent by an alleged friend to the blogs using her Instagram…I mean which friend can know your phone’s password? And car burnt, with her or? And the phone? Inno Morolong and Longwe Twala must be related cause they can’t lie.”

Another direct message from Inno’s Instagram account resurfaced on Instagram but the recipient is still not known. The message reads, “Thank u. I’m just fighting for my life now. I will tell u guys what happened when I’m ready to talk. Now I’m still at the hospital I’m in shock.”


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