VIDEO|| Ntando Duma Posted A Video And People Spotted This

Ntando Duma is a 26-year-old South African actress and television personality, performing artist and an influencer. Ntando Duma is best known for the role she played as Zinzi Dandala on etv’s soap opera Rhythm City, when she was still very young (about 18 years old).

Ntando Duma is a very loved South African celebrity with a lot of followers that loves her loud and amazing personality. Most people love her for being a young lady chasing her dreams. She recently bought a Mercedes Benz and built herself a double storey mansion. All this she did after building her mother a house at her birth place, Orangefarm.

Thando Duma is a South African DJ and a performing artist, popularly known by her desks or stage name Lady Amar. Thando Duma is also an Instagram butterfly, an influencer that works with brand as much as her sister Ntando Duma does. Thando Duma owns a store that sells Amar “lipsticks” or lipgloss.

Thando Duma is Ntando Duma’s elder sister. The two have done well in showing their followers how sisters are supposed to love and take care of each other. Ntando Duma as a younger sister support her sister in everything she does, such as; photoshoots to promote her brands and being right by her side dancing while she’s behind the desks playing at the gig.

Ntando and Thando Duma have always been side by side, supporting each others dreams and goal into becoming a reality. Today the two were dancing standing on Ntando Duma’s brand new Mercedes Benz. It was a joyous moment for the both of them, in Ntando Duma’s compound.


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