“We Did Not Listen”- SA Celebs Reacts To Riky Rick’s Suicide Death

We Did Not Listen”- South Africa Reacts To Riky Rick’s Suicide Death


Celebrities and the nation at large have reacted in shock following the death of South African hip hop star Riky Rick on Wednesday. The musician, whose real name is Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, allegedly committed suicide at his estate home in the north of Joburg.

Riky Rick is reported to have killed himself by hanging. He was 32 years old.

Following the muso’s death, many South Africans expressed regret, with some saying that they had failed to heed the warning signs after Riky Rick posted a video in which he talked about his depression.

Firebrand EFF leader Julius Malema said that people had failed to heed Riky Rick’s warning signs and lamented that it is now too late.

We love you, my man; we did not listen to your loud whisper. We thought we still had time, and unfortunately, we are now too late to intervene.

Below are more reactions from social media to Riky Rick’s death,


Retail Sej@reatile_sej

People need Help if we don’t see cry for help from what they put on their Socials then we are failing our Celebrities 💔💔💔 RIP @rikyrickworld.


People just need to remember to be kind because we are all going through a lot.


Such a painful way to go KHADO . One of my favourite rappers from SA.
🇿🇦. We all should always read suicidal signals from our mates . He could have been saved. This is too painful.


We let you down 🙏


Lam these streets ridiculed you and your wife’s videos for the past week or so and now they again are preaching ‘Let’s be kind” aargh imisunu nje 😞 #Bosszonke



Sad 💔💔he actually said goodbye💔😓


If no none is seeing that people are drowning, then I don’t know…..



Sorry man . I am really so sorry for what you went through. I hope heavens will appreciate you more than we did . Forever and Always Boss Zonke 🐐💯


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