We Were Drinking While Others Were Dying” -Proud Girl Who Was At Nyobeni Tavern States

The deaths of scores of teenagers at Nyobeni Tavern, Eastern Cape in the early hours of Sunday morning marks the disastrous decline of the black family and community.

Once upon a time before children had rights, traditional values restrained and molded children to abhor liquor and smoking. Sadly, children’s rights have brought disobedience and substance abuse.

Instead of regarding age restrictions and chasing children away, most tavern owners care only about money.One of the children who were at Nyobeni tavern on Saturday night revealed that when other children were dying, others continued drinking, adding that the only reason she and her friends left the place is that they became frightened, as the management of the tavern did not shut the doors regardless of how many people were dying.

Public’s Opinion 

The public is shattered, heartbroken that young people do not see anything wrong with having drinking habits, and not even bothered that some of them died while partying. According to the public’s opinion, although embarrassing, the young girl is telling the truth and revealing the social ills in the country.


Children are abusing their rights. Unruly children often call on the police to their elders when reprimanded for wrongdoing. This wanton do as you please has been brought about by children’s rights, a very strange culture.

The tavern management can be blamed but the real issue is the lack of individual responsibility. Parents need to parent, the state has no business becoming a stand-in parent and preaching about abuse when parents are disciplining their children.

With that said, tavern owners can not be exonerated from this. Most of them disregard the age restrictions and social mores. The same applies to irresponsible parents that drink and smoke in front of their children without shame. Elders have lost their parental authority and have even given up on their abusive children who do however they please.



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