Zahara’s suspicious dance moves leave Mzansi leave questioning her drinking habits.

Musician Zahara has got into questioning again by Mzansi after a video of her drunkenly dancing went viral. In the video, Zahara is seen dancing whilst enjoying ice cream in the streets and Mzansi is now accusing her of being under the influence of alcohol.

Last year, another video of Zahara drunkenly singing on stage with her colleagues also went viral. Upon watching the video, Mzansi accused Zahara of singing whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Many videos of Zahara drunkenly singing has emerged on the Internet over the past years. The Loliwe singer has admitted that fame has made her to develop a drinking problem. However, when she was interviewed by MacG on the Podcast and chill with MacG, Zahara denied of being an alcoholic. She said she didn’t appreciate people associating her with Alcohol. Zahara insisted that most of the videos of her appearing to be drunk she will be acting and not drunk.

Despite her explaining that she will be acting, today she is trending again on Twitter after a video of her dancing whilst enjoying ice cream went viral.

Twitter user Lerato Mabuza posted the video on her timeline with a caption

“When you have time leave alcohol alone”


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